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SPEcial Shower Cap for Hair Care

special shower cap for hair care We are special shower cap for hair care china factory. We have been in the shower cap 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply disposable shoe cover. Product name: beauty salon special shower cap. Brand: Lideming Material: tin...

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Brand: Lideming

Material: tin foil.

Size: 28cm in diameter.

Packing quantity: 1000 / box.

Rules: 66 * 60 * 35 cm

Style: disposable

Color: rose gold champagne, can be customized various colors, gold, silver, red, green and so on.

Characteristic: dustproof, dirt, heat insulation, heat preservation.

Applicable crowd: adult.

Applicable place: beauty salon.







1、Is the special shower cap for hair care safe?

Safe, high temperature resistant.

2、Do you want to remove your hair shower cap when your hair is cooling?

1. The head of the special shower cap for hair care protection is initiated to the heat preservation effect, shortening the dyeing time.

2. The special shower cap for hair care protection is conducive to fully opening the hair scale and making the dyeing effect better.

Coloring matters needing attention:

A. Be sure to do skin patch test before hair coloring. Apply the hair dye to the small area after wrist or ear, and then do not reedy after 24 hours without redness, tingling and other allergic reactions. Follow the instructions when dyeing your hair. If you dye, wear latex gloves.

B. Don't use different brands of hair dye at the same time. Chemical reactions may occur between hair dyes, creating toxic substances and increasing the risk of allergies.

C. Rub some Vaseline on your scalp before dyeing your hair. If you dip it in, wash it easily. The hair dye should be applied at a distance of 1 cm from the root, reducing the direct contact with the scalp.

D. After dyeing your hair, wash it a few times. Don't let the hair dye remain on your hair; When washing your hair, be careful not to scratch your scalp to avoid poisoning.

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