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Waterproof Aluminum Shower Cap

waterproof aluminum shower cap We are waterproof aluminum shower cap china supplier. We devoted ourselves to shower cap 12 years, covering most of Europe and the Americas market. We are also supply ,Special shower cap for hair care. Brand: Lideming Export: yes Material: aluminum foil. Applicable...

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Gold and silver are in stock

Pink, green, purple, red need to be customized, please contact customer service before placing an order.

Product Details

[product name] disposable aluminum foil shower cap

[product material] tin foil

[Product size] diameter 30CM, inner diameter 12CM, rubber band 5MM.

[Product color] gold, silver, pink, green, purple, red / customizable.

[Product use] One-time waterproof and anti-fouling aluminum foil shower cap for beauty salons.

Can be customized: can

Printable logo: can


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