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Disposable Plastic Bath Caps

disposable plastic bath caps We supply disposable plastic bath caps china sample test. We have professional technical team and advanced production equipment to ensure that the quality of the products and services. We are also supply Environment-friendly PVC bath cap. Brand: others Export: yes...

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Brand: others

Export: yes

Material: PE

Applicable crowd: adult.

Specification: 29CM in diameter.

Item no: YM - 004

Style: solid color

Net weight: 10.5 (g)

Whether or not: no.

The LOGO can be printed.

Processing customization: yes

Color: blue, pink, purple, green







1、When you shower, you always get your hair wet. You are going to bed soon, and you don't want to blow your hair. What do you do?

How to make a disposable plastic bath caps?


• waterproof plastic

• lace

• ruler

• scissors

• rubber band

• needle thread (with a sewing machine)

First fold the cloth up and down, then fold it in half, and cut out the square.

As the radius of the circle along the side of the square, draw an arc with the ruler.

Then cut along the arc, and open it is a circle.

Sew the round corners and use them for an average distribution of rubber bands.

Next, the rubber band is stitched together.

The rubber band is also painted into four equal parts.

Then sew the rubber band and the round cloth.

And the lace is more beautiful!

Well, this disposable plastic bath caps is ready, very simple, no need to worry about getting wet hair!

2、You know what? Use a disposable plastic bath caps as well.

The pores are large and the pores are dark.

Due to the dry skin and the impurities of the skin metabolism, the pores are blocked, and the pores are enlarged or the skin blackened. The first thing to do is reactivate the skin's softness and bounce back. Cover your face with a disposable plastic bath caps.

Specific practices are as follows:

1. After washing your face, keep your face moist and don't wipe it off. And then drop a drop of moisturizing oil will be face to all, and then use the disposable plastic bath caps or plastic wrap will face complete package, below the mouth and nose to keep breathing holes, 2 minutes.

Wash your face again

2. After cleaning the face with clean water, gently massage the lotion of 1 Yuan coin to the face, so as to achieve better absorption effect. This method is repeated 5 times.

3. Apply a drop of moisturizer to your face while your face and hands are still wet.

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