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PE Disposable Hat

PE disposable hat We supply PE disposable hat china custom and OEM. We devoted ourselves to disposable PE bath cap 12year,,covering most of Europe and the Americas market. Aluminum foil bath cap ,We are also supply. Brand: Lideming Category: PE disposable hat. If the export: yes Shelf life: 2...

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Brand: Lideming

Category: PE disposable hat.

If the export: yes

Shelf life: 2 years.

Size: 27 cm

Function: dustproof and waterproof.

Thickness: 0.02 mm

Applicable objects: general.

Pattern: printing

Material: PE

Item no: YM - TM - 1 - YH

Print logo: yes

Processing customization: yes

Origin: Guangdong, China.

Packing quantity: 1000 pieces.


PE disposable hat, waterproof material, bath necessary!

Take a lovely shower cap with a diameter of 27CM. Fashionable life household must, like the wonderful life you don't miss!

Good wear resistance: durable, not easy to wear, high cost performance;

Corrosion resistance: prevent bleaching agent, oxidant corrosion, not mildew;

High gloss: the surface is very smooth, waterproof and comfortable.

Easy to clean: machine wash hand wash all applicable, more dirty place can brush;

Good moisture availability: longer use time and higher cost performance.




1、Is it ok to swim with a PE disposable hat?

The answer is no.

The rubber band of PE disposable hat is very loose, you jump a water that hat to fall directly, let alone swim the whole distance. A PE disposable hat is not a substitute for a swimming cap.

2、Is the PE disposable hat?

It depends on what kind of material you are in the shower cap, some plastic face is stronger, can clean is not one-time. In the hotel disposable PE disposable hat, the utilization rate of hotel room shower cap is quite high. Because of its water repellency, many hotel guests use it when they don't want to mess with their hair. At present, the types of bath hats in the market include: ordinary disposable PE shower cap, high pressure PE disposable hat, striped plastic shower cap, no matter, silk strip bath hat and starch environmental protection material shower cap.

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