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PVC Bath Bath Cap

PVC bath bath cap We supply PVC bath bath cap china Production, research and development, design and other services. We have been in the Bath cap industry 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We have a group of professional personnel at your service. Suggested retail price:...

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Suggested retail price: $9.90.

Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

Material: PVC

Applicable crowd: adult.

Specification: diameter: 31CM.

Mouth diameter: 15 cm

Article no. : thickened waterproof shower cap.

Style: solid color

Net weight: 52 (g)

Whether or not: no.

LOGO: yes.

Processing customization: yes

Scope of application: wash face/shower/make face mask/make beauty/makeup/cooking oil smoke.








6 ingenious usages of the shower cap, there is always a suitable for you, the most serving jellyfish chandelier

We are always accustomed to the constraints of an object that should be used in such a way. In fact, in addition to our habits, there are still many aspects that can be used. Today, I want to talk about the shower cap. Most people use it when they take a bath. But in our daily life, the shower cap has some very unexpected uses. Let’s take a look at these gods. How to simplify life!

This is a very common situation. When you put your bicycle outside and then do your thing, it suddenly starts to rain and the seats are all wet. In order to avoid this, you can let your bicycle use your shower cap and cover it with the seat, so that the next big rain is not afraid. If you say it, you don't believe it. The shower cap can also be used to preserve watermelon. Because we seldom eat a whole watermelon at a time, we basically put it in the refrigerator and eat it later. Nothing is better than a shower cap to cover the watermelon and save it. In addition to food hygiene, the shower cap keeps the corridor clean. Before entering the house, wrap the wheel of the child's bicycle or stroller with a shower cap so that no dust will fall on the floor. As with the above, the shower cap can also extend the ability to wrap your shoes when you are away from home, so your shoes or other clothing will not get dirty.

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