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50,000 raincoats equipped with bus stops, and passengers on rainy days.
May 19, 2018

Nearly a thousand stations in the city will be equipped with 50,000 raincoats, which will be given to passengers in need on rainy days to meet their immediate needs, the city's public civilization guidance coordination office said yesterday.
In the city held yesterday to learn Lei Feng volunteer service concentrated operations, the city's more than 6,700 public civilization instructors in various districts and counties to carry out various types of volunteer services. Among them, the dissemination of knowledge on disaster prevention and reduction is an important component of voluntary activities. In the Olympic Community Park on Dongsi Street in Dongcheng District, more than 100 guides not only repaired cars, measured blood pressure, and massages of Chinese medicine for community residents, but also issued four to five hundred copies of the "Rainstorm Weather, Safe Response" emergency response manual.


In addition to the display of disaster relief and risk prevention knowledge, the site also held a related knowledge question and answer activities, and the prize is a raincoat. Sunping, director of the city's public civilization guidance action coordination office, said that in the future such raincoats will be equipped on the city's main platforms. In the event of bad weather, public civilization guides will be given to passengers who really need them. This "creativity" comes from the previous volunteer actions of many public civilization guides such as Huyali. On rainy days, they purchased a disposable raincoat at their own expense and distributed it to the passengers in need while they were at the platform. The Capital Civilization Office made a unified investment and purchased 50,000 raincoats, turning the individual volunteer service of civilized instructors into a regular platform volunteer service project. "Through these details, we hope to make our public transportation environment more and more warm and attract more and more people to choose public transportation. " said Sunping.

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