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8 yuan shoe cover to collect 99 yuan Supermarket reply: the label is wrong
Sep 03, 2018

"The price is 8 yuan, but it is 99 yuan when it is settled. It is too outrageous." Yesterday, the teacher of the public, Master Xu, scored the 12345 hotline response. I went shopping at a supermarket in the pond in the park, and created a check for the shopping receipt after checkout. The checkout price of the bag shoe cover was more than 10 times more expensive than the price tag, and the two boxes of milk were also doubled.

At 9 o'clock the night before, Master Xu and his wife went to the supermarket all the way, and bought a bunch of tools, including a bag of shoes and two boxes of milk. At the time of checkout, because the two individuals competed for payment, they did not expect the price of each item. In compliance with the total price quoted by the cashier, Teacher Xu paid more than 300 yuan. Waiting for the supermarket, Teacher Xu’s teacher thought that the price of the goods was somewhat different. "There are no expensive tools in these commodities. How do you need more than 300 yuan?" Teacher Xu’s teacher carefully checked the shopping receipts. Some of them were shocked. “Is a bag of shoe covers that costs 99 yuan? It’s clear that two boxes of milk are collected. Four boxes of money?” Teacher Xu returned to the supermarket and responded to the work staff.

After checking the price of the goods and the shopping receipts, the supermarket staff recognized that they should pay more. As for why such a mistake will flash, the supermarket's interpretation is that "the label of the shoe cover is confused with the label of a male shoe." Finally, the supermarket promised to comply with the difference of 3 times the price difference.

The staff of the Consumers Association reminds the consumers that they should carefully check the small ticket after shopping. If the price of the created goods is different from the actual collection amount, the evidence of the small ticket and other relevant evidence should be kept and the industrial and commercial part should be complained to cover up the legitimate rights and interests of the person.

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