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a pair of shoes
Sep 03, 2018

According to CCTV's October 15 report, Zhejiang Yuyao was hit by a recent typhoon. On the 13th, the director of a township and township went to the village to investigate the disaster. When he visited a disaster-stricken household, he encountered water. Because the director was wearing cloth shoes, he was back and forth twice by the old man who was already 60 years old. After his photos were transmitted to the Internet, the public opinion was big. Hey.

The director investigated the disaster and was afraid of muddy water.

The sixty-year-old man was riding a horse.

Climb the back halfway

Take the village and set up a family.

Qian Zhao is shocked,

The image of the party and government is dusty.

Who wears shoes and does not care,

The shoes do not enter the water and enter the water.

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