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A raincoat is also a water purifier
May 15, 2018


September 13, 2011, Copenhagen institute of interaction design, two students designed a "Raincatch raincoat", its design concept and the rain boxes are very similar, is to make the raincoat at the same time of keep out the rain, rain can also be purified into drinking water.

Away from rivers and lakes or a poor and backward residential areas, there are many people can't get enough clean drinking water, they often use boxes to store rain rain, needed for daily life. Raincatch raincoat behind it also contained a rain collector, enters the collector will rain after activated carbon adsorption, and a chemical purification system filtering purification, after the rain will be stored in the shoulders and the pocket of my raincoat. The transparent plastic tubes that are all over your raincoat make it easy for you to drink filtered rainwater.

The two students' ideas are good, but the product has no clear audience. In most countries, at least, no one wants to drink water for long periods of time wearing a poorly ventilated raincoat. This raincoat should be more suitable for backpackers who are short of drinking water because of the long trek.

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