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Although the shoe cover is cheap, it should be worn and cherished.
Sep 03, 2018

The shoe cover has the function of protecting and cleaning, and the price of a pair of shoe covers is also very cheap. The word "good quality and low price" is suitable for the shoe cover. Therefore, the shoe cover has been loved by friends from all walks of life. Recently, a news about the shoe cover on the Internet has aroused people's attention.

“The shoe covers are small, but the problems reflected are worthy of reflection.” On June 15, a freshman named Liu Hangjiang from Tongji University sent a letter to the principal of Suigang by email, reflecting the students’ computer courses in and out of the public computer room. The problems in the set, and I urge the principal to care about this "small" problem and make it better. After receiving the review, the principal of Handan Iron and Steel immediately gave instructions and forwarded the relevant functional departments and colleges: "The advice of this classmate is very good and should be adopted! We have to make a point to see if there are other places where savings can be saved. I hope that the future will be Published on the school homepage to get everyone's attention and discussion."

Liu Hangjiang said in the mail that the computer courses in our school are sometimes carried out in the computer room, and entering the computer room will require each student to put on a shoe cover. The problem followed. The shoe cover in the machine room is very cheap, the penny is a pair, the quality of the shoe cover is also OK, at least four or five times without problems, the students can put the lightweight shoe cover into the small bag of the bag for the next time. However, I saw that most of the classmates used the shoeset directly into the trash can after they used up, and then came to the machine to buy a new one. Every time after class, you can see that the machine room trash can is full of brand new shoe covers!

"There may be many reasons for this method, such as the 'follow the wind' mentality - everyone throws it, I keep it too earthy, the shoe cover is not five cents, the next time I buy a new one..." Liu Hangjiang After analyzing the causes of this phenomenon, he put forward his suggestion: "The shoe covers are small, and the problems reflected are worth reflecting." He believes that although various resources are generally not widely used in society. The phenomenon of being abandoned. However, as a contemporary college student, we should gradually cultivate our own cherished consciousness from now on. And this kind of thrift consciousness should be cultivated from the problem like shoe covers, starting from bit by bit.

Throwing the shoe cover is small, but the problem it reflects is worth pondering. The thrift habit is not one day. The shoe covers are inexpensive and wearable and cherished.

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