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Although the shoe cover is light, the father loves the mountain
Sep 03, 2018

In the 1950s, when I was in elementary school, because I was poor at home, I could only go barefoot to school most of the time. Only in winter can I wear shoes made by my mother.

There are more than 2 kilometers from home to school, and a mountain in the middle. If you wear shoes and shoes to school in the rain and snow, you will be soaked before you go to school shoes. The feet are cold during class. So in the winter when it rains and snows, I will barefoot, put the shoes in my bag, go to school or go home and put it on, so the feet will be warmer.

My father saw that I couldn't wear shoes to go to school in the rain and snow, my feet were red and swollen, and it was very distressing. I came up with the idea of giving me a shoe cover.

One day, my father got some brown leaves and bamboo shoots. At night, I used the light of the mother's spinning to tear the brown leaves into even pieces. Then I edited the pieces like a straw mat, and estimated that the size was almost the same. Two layers, with a layer of bamboo shoots in the middle. With the cooperation of the mother, the father cuts the shoes than my shoes, makes the blanks of the shoe covers, let me put on the shoes, try on them, trim the unsuitable places, and finally sew. In this way, my first pair of shoe covers were made.

The next day was a snowy day, and the road was a little slippery. I wore a pair of shoes and put on a pair of bloated shoe covers, feeling soft and warm. I love this pair of shoe covers and walk on the road carefully, for fear of breaking it.

After arriving at the school, I gently took off my shoe cover and saw that the shoes were not wet at all. I was very happy. I put this pair of muddy shoe covers outside the classroom to dry.

After going home from school that day, my father saw that my shoes were only a little wet on the corners, and the shoe covers were not broken or deformed. I was happy to say: "This set of tubes is used and used."

Then, my father made several pairs of such shoe covers for me so that I could replace them and spare them. Not long after, the parents of some classmates also imitated the father to do a similar shoe cover.

When I was in the sixth grade, the family conditions were better. My father bought me a pair of rubber shoes. I no longer use shoe covers.

Although the shoe cover is light, the father loves the mountain!

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