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An eye-opening new idea for raincoats
Aug 03, 2018

Many years ago, the reform of traditional raincoats in countries such as Japan and South Korea began. There are many times in the year that I spent in the rainy days. The traditional raincoats are single in color and heavy in wear. How can we travel in the rainy days? This has attracted a lot of designers' dreams. They not only designed beautiful raincoats, but also designed many creative ideas. Next, the printed bright poncho manufacturers will give us some ideas.

Let people love to rain: Rain Dear ultra-fashionable raincoat If the raincoat can make this, then maybe people can love the rain or not? The trendy raincoat from Rain Dear, called the LV in the raincoat, completely subverts people. The traditional impression in mind is no longer ugly, no longer stagnation, becoming fashionable, avant-garde and gorgeous, and commensurate with force.

Potato Starch Raincoats Potatoes are the most common food on the table, but can you make them into clothing besides eating? The raw material for this special raincoat is the potato, which is made by extracting the starch from the potato and combining it with an organic plastic. The potato raincoat can be completely degraded, non-toxic and harmless, and can be discarded indirectly after the waste is destroyed. It is very convenient without worrying about the pollution situation.

Tent raincoat two things in one: The most important thing to go out to visit is to lighten my backpack, but some essential things can not be omitted. The new idea of this tent and raincoat introduced on the same day can save some space for the public's outdoor sports. Does it look very funny? If you still don't want to carry it, then don't worry about it, don't rain, put on your body.

    The innovation of raincoats is really simple. It is not too high for us. Just let us look at the things around us, we are good at thinking, we are brave enough to do it, and indeed many ideas are what we can make.

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