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Asked that the transparent raincoat is made of plastic material
Jul 19, 2018

Recently, I have been studying transparent raincoats. What kind of transparent raincoats are usually made of plastic materials?

Transparent raincoats are generally made of polyvinyl chloride plastic called pvc, as well as polyamide plastics called pa in English or polycarbonate plastic materials called pc.

Pvc polyvinyl chloride plastic is made of vinyl chloride monomer, which is called PVC in English. According to the amount of plasticizer added, it is divided into two types: rigid polyvinyl chloride and soft polyvinyl chloride.

Pa polyamide plastics have good comprehensive properties, can be flame retardant, easy to process, suitable for filling with glass fiber and other fillers, enhanced modification, can improve performance and expand the application range.

Pc polycarbonate plastic is a high molecular polymer containing a carbonate group in the molecular chain, and has now become the fastest growing general engineering plastic among the five engineering plastics.

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