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Beautiful and safe waterproof raincoat
Aug 17, 2018

There are many kinds of raincoat materials. The most common one is rubber. Therefore, the raincoat manufacturers also purchase rubber. The rubber processing process includes basic processes such as mastication, mixing, calendering or extrusion, molding and vulcanization. Each process has different requirements for the finished product, and each of them is assisted by how much.

    In order to be able to participate in various rubbers in the rubber, the raw rubber needs to be plasticized to improve its plasticity; then the carbon black and various rubber additives are mixed with the rubber and compounded by mixing; the rubber is extruded. A certain shape blank is prepared; and then combined with a calcined or glued textile material to form a semi-finished product; finally, the vulcanized semi-product is made into a highly elastic final product.

    For finished products with high precision requirements, rubber seals such as oil seals, O-rings and seals, trimming and deburring are also required. The optional methods include manual trimming, machine trimming and freezing trimming.


 The printed raincoats produced by the raincoat manufacturers can satisfy the aesthetic needs of many people, and the more beautiful, they also deal with the problems that people think are ugly.

    Moreover, this bright raincoat accepts new materials that make it light, breathable and easy to carry, and easy to rinse. And its fresh and fashionable design elements make it more affordable. The appearance of the bright raincoat made the raincoat a thing that people were able to bear. On a rainy day, the colorful bright raincoats have become a beautiful line of scenery.

    Especially the parents who have children at home, when they buy rain gear for their children, they can choose to print bright ponchos, not only elegant, but also more secure.

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