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China Merchants Bank Branch Branch Rain and Snow Day Service Measures Warm Heart
Aug 03, 2018

In winter, Shanghai's rain and snow are cold and wet, but it is warm in the halls of the Shanghai Century Avenue branch of China Merchants Bank. In order to promote the customer service experience of the outlets, the branch is dedicated to the customer's thinking , and can provide a more intimate service atmosphere for the customers who do business in the rain and snow days.

According to the introduction of the CMB Century Avenue branch, in the event of rain and snow, the bank started from ten details and built a safe and comfortable service atmosphere for customers. For example, employees will be arranged to clean the snow around the business Area in real time. Waiting for the floor to post a "scratch slippery" reminder, laying anti-slip mats to prevent customers from falling, can feel the concern of China Merchants Bank before the customer enters the business hall; cover the suede cover for The door handle to reduce The cold metal handle brings a bad tactile experience to the customer; the "scratchly slippery" warning mark is placed at the entrance, the umbrella stand is specially provided for the customer to arrange my umbrella raincoat; the original cold cold Expectation seat is covered with rich and soft Clean seat covers, so that customers can feel the intimate service of CMB services when they are looking forward to the queue; in the business ha Ll, they can prepare candy and snacks for customers, and hand a hot drink such as a cup of coffee milk tea to customers in real time, so that they can handle business with a cold. The customer feels warm and warm; in the branch "equipped with multiple "Apple, Android, Huawei" three-in-one phone charger, due to gas The customer who has the "flash crash" caused by the severe cold provides the most convenient charging service, and satisfies the diversified needs of different customers The rain room, disposable raincoat and disposable rain shoe cover are often equipped in the business hall. Customers with umbrellas and raincoats can rest assured that they can return to their homes; the business hall is always equipped with hand creams and hand warmers to satisfy The needs of customers who are not frostbitten in cold weather; in the expectation period of customers, timely delivery to customers such as "Penguin Steps" Knowledge; to encourage the first-line staff, such as tellers, lobby, Financial management staff, etc., after completing the business for the customer, add warm reminders to the words when they are bidding customers, such as "snow and snow, please go slowly, be careful, slippery", "beware of climate Change, Pay attention to warmth and clothing, etc., so that customers can feel the warmth of employees of China Merchants Bank when leaving the business hall.

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