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Choice and use of labor protection reflective raincoats
Aug 03, 2018

Nowadays, the labor insurance reflective raincoats on the labor insurance market are many and very mixed, and there are many inferior products mixed in. The materials selected have no industry norms, no test reports, no clear use, no classification for different occupations. It has created a misunderstanding for consumers, unable to find a protective reflective raincoat that can suit their respective occupations, and many products have no real protective effect. At any time, there are hidden dangers to the working group in the workplace. Frequent attacks have infringed upon the strengths of society and the masses.

With the frequent vigilance of the matter, the workers are making progress in their own safety protection, and they are eager to have a product that truly plays an occupational safety protection and protect their own safety and health. The state and local governments have thus set industry or professional norms, and the handling of labor insurance market is being standardized. The manufacturers that produce labor-protective reflective raincoats also have mandatory regulations, which provide differential protection for workers engaged in different occupations. The pointing of the supplies is more practical for the safety protection under different conditions.

International has set extremely strict implementation specifications for the production of occupational safety labor insurance reflective raincoats, and there are still new regulations to be introduced. The protection grades of progressive products are different for different occupations and different situations. Wearing requirements. Workers all have an understanding of their own safety protection, which is the advanced and trend of a period.

The choice of labor insurance reflective raincoat:

1. Accurately select the appropriate product under the working conditions according to the existing national norms, industry norms or local regulations. The national reference specification for protective clothing is GB20653

2, according to the laborer's production operations, labor intensity and the existence, nature, concentration or intensity of the harmful elements of the production booth, choose the protection products that are used for their own protection and safety.

3. Choose protective equipment that is comfortable and convenient to wear and does not affect normal work.

4. The production permit, product and certificate and safety judgment certificate of the inspection products for the selected protective articles shall be clearly defined.

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