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Cloth shoe cover noise reduction has a miraculous effect
Sep 03, 2018

Blind croquet is a sport that requires a very high level of sound, because the only way blind athletes can tell the direction and speed of the ball is sound. In order to reduce noise, the staff came up with a special way to minimize the noise in the blind stadium goal of the Guangzhou Asian Paralympic Games. The 500 pairs of shoe covers were distributed to all the staff entering the competition area. The small details are also the first of the Guangzhou Asian Paralympic Games.

The person in charge of the blind entrance hall of the Guangzhou Asian Paralympic Games introduced that the stadium operation team paid attention to solving the quiet problem of the venue from the test competition in July. Later, I thought of the method of using the shoe cover, and the experiment found that the effect was very good. This is the first of the Guangzhou Asian Paralympic Games, and it may be applied to other competitions as a convention in the future.

The person in charge said that in addition to distributing shoe covers, they also carried out knowledge of the staff and volunteers. Now, when the staff enters the venue, they will consciously turn off the phone or keep the phone muted.

Li Li, leader of the leadership team of the University City Division and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, said that there will be 8 major events in the nine venues of the University City. After the joint test on December 3 and 6, the competition training requirements can be met. Everyone pays attention to the details of the work and reflects the humanistic care. For example, the Guanggong team undertakes the competition organization of the blind goalball project. In order to avoid the noise and affect the hearing of the athletes during the competition, the team made the shoe covers for the entering personnel and made the signboard. Please watch the game quietly.

The University City is also the competition area of the Asian Games. From the Asian Games to the Asian Paralympic Games, some teams only have 10 days of transition time. Everyone will organize and dismantle the equipment on the night of the competition and implement the conversion as soon as possible. The barrier-free facilities in the competition area are fully covered. Many teams also offer psychology courses to provide more intimate and flexible services for athletes and viewers with disabilities.

The reporter saw on the scene that in order to ensure the absolute quietness of the game, volunteers were organized to maintain order in each audience area. Whenever the game starts, the volunteers will raise the sign "Please keep the audience quiet." In addition to this, there is a broadcast before the game to remind the audience "civilized viewing". Before the admission, each viewer will also receive a small card with instructions for the game.

Such a small cloth shoe cover plays a very important role in this competition, because it effectively reduces the noise on the field and ensures the smooth competition and normal play of the blind athletes.

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