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Color issues to be aware of when designing children's raincoats
Jul 16, 2018

In the present life, with the changes of the times, the demand is slowly increasing. People are also very concerned about their children. They are very paying attention to eating. They will not fall for rainy days to prepare their own raincoats or umbrellas. When children get along, we will find that children are more interested in some colored things, mainly because of the colorfulness of their world for most children. Therefore, children's raincoats, a product specifically for children, should be designed with some popular color design factors, which can cause children's preferences. What should the designers of children's raincoats do?Eva man raincoat.jpg

Because the color of clothing is also affecting children's psychology, for example, the visual nerves of infants and young children between zero and two years old are not yet fully developed, and the color is not perfect, so the colors in their world are mainly white. Designers only need to design the clothing into light blue, light pink, milk yellow and other colors according to different genders.

When they are a little older to two or three years old, the visual nerve development can recognize some colors and be sensitive to some bright colors. As they get bigger and bigger, children's intelligence will also grow. At this time, you can recognize more than four colors, and you can distinguish the brighter colors from the dark and dark colors. Therefore, we can be bold when choosing the color of the clothes including the raincoat. Whether it is solid color or color block, the interval can also achieve a lively and lovely color.

In addition, the color of children's wear also plays a role in the protection of specific children's raincoats. It is not only beneficial to the development of children's psychology, but also avoids traffic accidents in the rainy days. Children who often go out at night should wear reflective materials and fluorescent materials in their dress colors, and it is easy to pay attention and alert to pedestrians and vehicles.

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