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CPE shoe cover film filter material knowledge
Sep 03, 2018

We know that if the fission product (Eclip) hits and penetrates the solid matter, it can leave a narrow passage in the material. If a suitable polymembrane is used as the radiation damage target, the effect of the etching solution is continued until the polyester film is completely penetrated. A through-hole porous film is formed.

The micropores on the surface of the shoe cover membrane filter material are small and uniform, and can separate all the dust larger than the diameter of the micropores, so the dust purification efficiency is high and stable. Although the micropores on the surface of the membrane filter material are small but dense, the "open" area is large, the porosity is as high as 90%, and there is no dust inside the filter material, and the gas path is "passing Yang", so the resistance of the membrane filter material is small. The surface of the membrane filter material is very smooth, the dust is not easy to bond, and it is easy to be cleaned. The membrane material filtered by further surface treatment can filter the dust with strong viscosity and even filter the dust with the humidity close to saturation.

The CPE shoe cover membrane filter is a high porosity film with a thickness of 0.1 mm or less. The pore size can be precisely controlled by the manufacturing process. For soot filtration, the film needs to be laminated to the base fabric to provide sufficient strength for ease of use. The base fabric is a non-woven synthetic fiber. At present, coated shoe cover filter material has become one of the most widely used sleeping materials in industrial applications. Although it is still confidential in many membrane filtration technologies, we know more about the role of membrane filters.

There are many commercial masks used. They are mainly used in the environmental protection industry. When the film is under certain conditions, such as high pressure, high heat, or solvent, it will transform into a dense plastic film. The collapse of the film structure can be demonstrated in the laboratory. A common nitrocellulose film is cut and placed on the glass slide to expose it to acetone smoke. The white opaque material will immediately become dense and transparent. plastic film.

It should be pointed out that there must be no water in the whole process of film production. The nitrocellulose fiber is first washed with distilled water, then with 95% alcohol, and finally with pure alcohol. All solvents need to be removed from the water. After washing, the nitrocellulose is placed in the above-mentioned quality anhydrous alcohol and soaked for 20 minutes, and the nitrocellulose does not dissolve. Add diethyl ether and mix and stir until the nitrocellulose dissolves. Then add acetone, the mixture is stirred for 2H, then add people to drunk, then the 2H mixture can be reserved, and can be stored for 2-3 weeks, so that the film CPE shoe cover is made.

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