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Cycling, please remember these ten iron rules!
Aug 03, 2018

    Cycling, please remember these ten iron rules!

       1. I must know how many pounds I have. I hope that more people in the bike should know what your limits are. You can't do the actions that others can do. Wherever others can go, you are not sure.

       2. You must know your limits. What is said here is your strength limit, your mind accepts the limit. It is especially important when riding remotely. It is not ideal to ask a person who has never been riding a car to ride 200KM at a time.

       3, must be equipped with foot riding. The equipped features protect you on a large scale, and the helmet is a model. Four people I saw with my own eyes benefited from the protection of the helmet. With the same principle, I also saw more than one person braking because of the downhill. In addition, riding at night, cycling reflective clothing is standard!

       4. Before riding, you must understand some of the least medical knowledge. Including your blood type, your medical history, your history of drug allergy. If you are injured, the partner can contact your family.

       5, you have to understand the corresponding law enforcement. The various law enforcement provisions related to transportation do not mean that as long as the motor vehicle is obeying the traffic law.

       6. You must know at least 4 phone numbers. 110, 120 There are at least two riders who can give you assistance.

       7. You want a team. Just travel with your partner.

       8. You need a good set of things, the least spare parts and basic maintenance knowledge. Don't always expect others to bring a few spare tires.

       9. You have to be patient. Don't expect that you can become a veteran in a month.

       10. Finally, if it is a team trip, you must know that you are very important in the team, no one will leave you, so please contact the team members closely, do not place orders.

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