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Cycling raincoat is a must-have riding gear
Aug 03, 2018

As a cyclist, I believe that the first thoughts of the Mo's friends when they choose to wear their attire are whether they are beautiful, whether they have a rainproof effect, or whether they have a reflective warning effect. Ordinary high-end fabric Jerseys have a positive waterproof function, divided into inner layer waterproof and outer layer waterproof.

       The outer layer of waterproof is generally more expensive, because the fabric of this riding suit is the first to ensure the protective function of the riding accident, and secondly to cover the ventilation problem in the riding process, but also in softness Considering the price, the price will naturally be high. The inner layer is relatively comfortable to wear under normal conditions, because the fabric can be made softer. The outer fabric of this type of jersey is only required to have a protective function and thus a more restrictive open air duct. We have invented most of the so-called four-sequence riding suits. At the same time, the waterproof layer also has a windproof effect.

       After a lot of old knights, especially those who have had a long tour experience. Even the best riding suits can't match the two Taobao-class cycling raincoats. This is because the waterproof function of all the jerseys is achieved with the use of rain-proof coatings, and the coating is not necessarily good. Moreover, the use of the coating can face the problems of coating consumption and fading. Therefore, like most outdoor outfits, do not wash the cycling uniforms often. Reflective riding raincoats, it is not possible to clean often, or it will destroy the reflective strips and waterproof coatings at a large level.

       Then, since the ordinary riding suit has waterproof function and is not used, why should I buy a riding raincoat? Because ordinary cycling suits are mainly used for emergency and short-distance use.

       There are a lot of riding raincoats on the Internet for one or two hundred yuan. There are joints and splits. It is convenient when it is separated from the latrine (I heard that the rainproof effect is slightly inferior to the conjoined body). There are also Mo friends' repercussions. When you are in the distance, no matter what kind of riding raincoat, the time is too long to leak. Just seeing this statement, you will give up buying raincoats. I can only advise you not to wear the consequences. It is quite horrible!

       To sum up, it is to say that the weather is good, the ordinary riding suits, whether it is breathable, or the same protective effect, are the levers. If it is rainy, it is best to use a professional riding raincoat as usual, the quality is slightly better.

       In addition, when choosing a raincoat, it is very important to be bright, just like the raincoat worn by high-speed traffic police today is better. The price on the Internet is also two hundred pieces up and down, not only the color of the clothes itself, but also the area of the reflective strips. Even when it's fine, put on a riding reflective vest, whether it's in the day or night, the fluorescent warning effect is excellent!

       Finally, riding on a rainy day, slow is the main theme. Of course, the personal concept is that you can ride in the rain without black and white, and you can not ride without riding. Entertainment is not a contest. This is our philosophy of reverence. Let us continue to ride safely and ride happily!

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