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Dear 07 raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

Dear 07 raincoat:

Hello there! I am Zheng Yi, a soldier in the Eastern War Zone Army, and I have been working with you for two years. You and I are "combat friends." During training, you resist the poisonous gas and disguise your body. In life, you block the rain and snow and shield the wind and frost. It is my intimate "good brother." However, your "small shackles" have also caused me a lot of troubles. I am writing this letter to you today, I hope that you will become better in the next step of improvement.

I hope that your "body size" is more reasonable. Every rainy season, your handsome open windbreaker design, although protecting my upper body, but the parts below my knees have been embarrassed, especially the company's "big long legs" comrades, in the face of heavy rain, the half body has never been spared, Directly affects our training and life.

I hope your "breathable" is better. Fighting with you in the rain, often made by your passionate "care": sometimes not wet by the rain, but you are so sweaty, causing many comrades to prefer rain training and not want to be yours "Warm" stuffy.

I hope that your "protection" will last longer. They all say that "long-term companionship is the warmest heart, and the unchanging guardian is the most moving." However, your protection effect on me is very easy to "discount", especially your joints, sutures, after a long time of use, it is easy to be "infiltrated" by the rain, the kind of wet feeling really makes me "blue thin Mushrooms."

I hope that your "skills" will be more realistic. That 20-kilometer battle can be tempered, and the sudden showers will make you "debut", but your elasticity is too bad to wrap me in with the rucksack. In order to protect the rucksack from getting wet, I have to silently rain. A tactical drill in the rain, I wanted to show my handsome tactical movements, but because of your lack of flexibility, I am lying down, squatting and other movements.

Dear 07 raincoat, you are the "good comrades" we get along with each other. The depth of love, the responsibility is cut, so I and my comrades all want to see your perfect "evolution"!

Raincoats are an important part of individual equipment. They provide effective protection for officers and men in rain and snow, and are also effective equipment to block some toxic gas (liquid) bodies. The 07-type raincoat is made of Oxford coated cloth and windbreaker design. It is beautiful, light and concealed, and it has devoted many of the efforts of the military workers.

However, "the paper has a long-lasting sensation, and I know that this matter must be carried out." Zheng Yi, a superior soldier, expressed his enthusiasm for the 07-style raincoat "love in his heart" through his own personal experience. It reflects areas such as poor rain protection, lack of actual combat, and incomplete components.

details make a difference. These design flaws of the 07-type raincoat may seem small, but they may become an important factor affecting rain training and combat. Like Xiao Zheng, we look forward to the perfect evolution of the 07-type raincoat in terms of structure, materials and accessories, enhancing comfort, science and practicality.

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