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Detailed description and use of disposable shoe covers
Sep 03, 2018

The disposable shoe cover eliminates the trouble of taking off the shoes of the visitors and the common shoe covers that are environmentally friendly. It is widely used in high-demand environments such as electronics, chemical, dust-free workshops and clean rooms. Common disposable shoe covers include non-woven shoe covers, CPE shoe covers, and plastic shoe covers. Features have their own characteristics, including non-slip shoe covers, rain boots, anti-static shoe covers and so on.

Among them, non-woven shoe covers, the most new environmentally friendly materials, non-woven shoe covers are favored by customers. Non-woven shoe covers have anti-static functions. Non-woven printed shoe covers can also be non-slip, practical. Strong, beautiful and generous, can print the company logo, achieve a good publicity effect.

Plastic shoe covers, the production process is simple, the demand is also very large, mostly used for food processing, or common protective environment, such as indoor dust and deodorant, outdoor waterproof and anti-dirty.

The biggest feature of disposable shoe covers is that they are easy to use, and they have a wide range of applications, different materials, and different functions. They can be non-slip, anti-static and dustproof. Moreover, the price is much cheaper than the non-disposable shoe cover, and the handling is convenient, especially the non-woven shoe cover, which can be naturally degraded.

Use of disposable shoe covers:

1. Protection of day care kindergartens

There are a lot of things under the soles that are used to walk around, most of which we don't know, but we are sure that most of them are dirty and harmful to us. Especially in day care kindergartens, the protective isolation of germs and diseases is crucial, so when entering the room where children play and rest, shoe covers are necessary to ensure that children who have been crawling on the ground are not exposed to harmful bacteria. s attack.

2. Construction site

Such venues require a higher strength disposable shoe cover for non-slip waterproofing while protecting the newly completed floor from damage.

3. Home

As a hardworking housewife, cleaning is one thing, and more importantly, how to maintain the fruits of their work; disposable shoe covers are a good helper to keep the floor clean, and can also reduce the trouble for visitors to take off their shoes. Reducing the use of public slippers also helps to reduce the spread of viruses and diseases.

4. Hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, etc.

It is self-evident that such a place requires strict control of bacteria and viruses, and the necessity of using a non-woven shoe cover or a plastic shoe cover.

Tips: According to the guidance of the people, I took three shoe covers out of the door last night (wrapping the other two shoe covers with one shoe cover), went to the garden with the pebbles, took off the shoes, and wrapped the shoe covers. Socks, feet walking on the pebbles (and back down), exercise and treatment.

good results. Start to feel pain at the soles of the feet, gradually adapt to the back, and finally sprint like a fly...

It is said that the pebbles stimulate the soles of the feet and can heal and exercise the lower back.

On the way home, the soles of the feet are very comfortable, and the footsteps become extraordinarily light...

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