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Does the poncho have the same meaning as the raincoat?
Aug 02, 2018

I often hear the staff of the raincoat factory arguing that the poncho is the raincoat, it is the same, is this the case?

The so-called raincoat, the main material used is waterproof fabric, which is made of sewing. It is used for rain protection in rainy weather. There are many kinds of materials, such as tarpaulin in waterproof fabric, plastic film and tape, etc. Some have breathable nylon that is comfortable to wear.

The poncho is a small variety of raincoats, generally not made of sleeves, and the materials used are similar. In addition to the production of raincoats, Lit Ming also produces Li Ming poncho, and various models and materials are available. If you want to wholesale, come over to the factory!

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