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Electric car poncho sharing how to buy raincoat
Aug 03, 2018

Electric car poncho sharing how to buy raincoats The rainy seasons in the north and south of the country are more likely to coincide with June, and the rain has brought great inconvenience to the vast public. When the rainfall is large, it is difficult to obtain the most comprehensive protection by using an umbrella. Many friends have chosen raincoats in this situation. But how do you choose a raincoat? To choose the right raincoat, you should have high-definition problems. Variety of raincoats A. Windbreaker style: like windbreaker and big scorpion, commonly known as Peter Pan This type of raincoat is characterized by easy to wear, fast, and defects are related to the protection of the legs and feet, it is easy to get wet. B. Two-section raincoat: This type of raincoat, also known as raincoat rain pants, is a two-piece type that leaves, and is popular among locomotives and people. This type of raincoat is more troublesome to wear. The material of the raincoat Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a semi-clear plastic raincoat that is often seen outside. This raincoat is inexpensive but easily damaged. Nylon plus PVC is a layer of PVC waterproof layer on the inside of nylon fabric. Its price is moderate and not easy to damage. It is the main material for raincoats today. Waterproof and permeable cloth is coated with a waterproof and moisture permeable coating on the inner surface of the fabric. The good waterproof and moisture permeable layer has several billion micropores per square inch. These micropores allow gas molecules to pass through, but cannot make larger Water molecules pass through, thus achieving waterproof and breathable results; defects are expensive. Raincoat purchases pay attention to the size of the event: Most of the raincoats will have a comparison table that chooses the size of the raincoat by height. However, the raincoats made by the raincoat manufacturers on the market are different in size and therefore do not launch consumers. The size of a raincoat indirectly purchases the raincoat of the difference brand, which is prone to deviation. Secondly, because the raincoat can't be tried on, the person who wears the M wearing the usual clothes can buy the L raincoat, and so on, the shielding will be better, even if the winter clothes are worn more. Sleeve: The length of the hand is raised vertically to see if the length of the sleeve is appropriate. It can be too long but not too short. Length: The lower edge of the raincoat is the most fortunate to be between the center of the calf and the ankle. Because it is too short to cover, it will drag the floor when riding too long. Neckline: buttoned on the button, the head can be rotated freely and it is better to breathe. Reflective strip: The yellow raincoat is more eye-catching. If it is dark, it must have a reflective strip of 2 cm or more and made of PVC. Waterproof strip: Pay special attention to the sewing thread from the sleeve to the lower end of the two sides. Invert the raincoat and check if there is a waterproof strip at the sewing thread. You can also use your fingers to look at it. If it is loose, it should not be purchased. Shoe cover: To get the best cover, wear a rain-proof shoe cover. Rain hat: When riding a locomotive, a helmet will be worn, so the presence or absence of a rain hat has little effect on rain protection.

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