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Eva raincoat Beijing chain home free borrowing for the public
Aug 02, 2018

Recently, Beijing entered a strong rainy weather. It was always raining. Many people did not bring an umbrella, so it was very inconvenient. In response to this problem, Beijing Chain Store has ordered more than 1,000 pieces of eva raincoats for the public to borrow. , and do not mortgage or other procedures.

The shared raincoats are from the recent sharing bicycles and other industries. I hope that those who borrow raincoats can take the initiative to return to the store, so that they can use these raincoats repeatedly.

This "EVA green plastic" raincoat has the advantages of cushioning, heat, moisture and corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-absorbent and tough, and will not cause damage to the environment. However, the price of raincoats is higher than that of ordinary disposable plastic raincoats. But it is very environmentally friendly!

Like the chain home to share the raincoat!

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