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Foreign brothers invented new raincoats, only the size of the card, no longer worry about raining when they go out!
Nov 02, 2018

There are many kinds of inventions on the earth every day. Some inventions are epoch-making. They have achieved qualitative breakthroughs and brought about earth-shaking changes in human life. Some inventions may be just a small idea, but it will also facilitate people. Life, no matter which one, as long as it is beneficial to people's lives, is a good invention. Today we will introduce a card raincoat that will make people more comfortable when it rains.

This raincoat is the world's first card-type raincoat invented by two foreigners - raincard. As the name suggests, this raincoat has only the size of the card. I believe everyone must hate the rainy days. When it rains, remember to go out. With an umbrella or a raincoat, there are already enough things in the hand, and then bring an umbrella or a raincoat. I just hate not having a long hand.

Moreover, after use, storage has become a problem. Rainy umbrellas or raincoats are wet. It takes a lot of effort to dry, store, and reuse. In such a highly efficient life in modern times, Everyone who is so troublesome is not willing to do it, so the card raincoat introduced today must be your savior. This card raincoat is only the size of the card, and the thickness is only as thick as two or three cards. You can put it. Put it in your wallet, in your pocket or even inside the phone case, you don't have to worry about carrying it.

When you use it, just gently tear open the outer cover of this raincoat, spread it out, and this raincoat is one-off. After using it, you can throw it away without worrying about storage problems. Imagine that when everyone else is wearing an umbrella or a wet raincoat, only you are refreshing and unrelenting in front of everyone, you must have a high rate of return.

It is understood that in order to make this raincoat, the two guys spent a whole year looking for different materials, just to make this raincoat thin and thin, in addition, they also experimented with many kinds of The folding method can make the storage space of this raincoat smaller and smaller. Although this is just a small invention, it does not have any inter-generational significance, but I believe that it is this bit of effort that makes people The quality of life is getting higher and higher, and the entire human society will get better and better. The world's smallest raincoat, only the size of the card, can be worn by tearing, no longer worry about rain!

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