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Fruit homemade anti-skid climbing tree shoe cover - innovative business opportunities
Sep 03, 2018

In 2009, a Linan pecan farmer Zhou Jimin, who was born and raised in junior high school, had invented a non-slip shoe cover for climbing fruit trees. This kind of magic shoe cover was originally only used by oneself. I didn't think that the magic effect was passed down to ten. Ten pass hundred - Zhou Jimin simply started the anti-skid shoe cover processing enterprise, and for this kind of "fruit tree climbing non-slip safety The shoe cover has applied for a utility model patent and created a new business opportunity.

The protagonist is a villager in Shizhen, Lin'an Island. There are several acres of pecan trees in the house. The annual output of dry seeds is about 3,000 kg. Every year, he will go up the mountain with pecans like other villagers. "In 2009, everyone was playing pecans on the tree. I didn't expect that suddenly there was someone on the tree next to it. Some people fell heavily on the ground, blood flow was not enough, and the bombs could not move." On that day, everyone was very heavy and returned. Home, I dare not fight again.

One night in 2009, he wondered if he could make double-slip shoes and hit the pecans without slipping. Do it and do it. The next day he found the tool, started making it, and finished 3 pairs of cleats. Together with two migrant workers who came from Anhui Guangde to play pecans, he tried on the trees and harvested pecans. The effect was quite good. When climbing trees, they were stable and much easier than others.

By the time of the pecan picking season in 2010, Zhou Jimin made four pairs of nail shoe covers for the family and two workers. Unexpectedly, the two workers looked at the shoes and used them. They went to Zhou Jimin and brought them back to their hometown of Anhui Guangde. Soon, Zhou Jimin received a call from Guangde: "Master Zhou, someone who wants to buy the shoes, I sold it, 50 pairs. You can't do it next year? Many people want it." It was just made up. Use, but I did not expect that the phone from Guangde suddenly let Zhou Jimin smell the business opportunities.

In 2011, he simply went to a family workshop and tried to make more than 1900 pairs of non-slip spikes. As soon as he was in the rainy weather, he carried a bundle of shoes and ran around. Every time he went to a village, he put on his shoe cover and climbed the tree on the spot.

The novel marketing method quickly caused everyone's curiosity, 48 yuan a pair, the shoe covers produced by Zhou Jimin were all sold out soon. Moreover, through the return visit, no complaints or accident reports have been received so far. After that, he further confirmed that this shoe cover is useful, and began to apply for a utility model patent for this "fruit tree climbing non-slip safety shoe cover". In January this year, the patent has been passed.

In April of this year, Zhou Jimin simply engaged in a processing plant and began mass production of non-slip shoe covers. At the on-site meeting of the Linan pecan safety harvesting equipment trial last month, the non-slip shoe cover was unveiled, which attracted everyone's attention. The pecans have not yet been mined, and the order is already in a constant stream. "A customer of Qingliangfeng had ordered 4,000 pairs before, and today I have to call another 1500 pairs." According to reports, this year's 38-inch non-slip shoe covers have sold more than 10,000 pairs. Customers except Linan, Zhejiang The pecan production areas in Anhui and even Henan have tourists.

The so-called shoe cover is naturally placed on the shoes worn by the fruit farmers. The shoe cover is a liberation shoe cover, which makes the shoes lighter under the premise of firmness.

The slip of the shoe cover is mainly attributed to the nail on the sole. The nails on the sole are made of steel and are very strong. There are 12 groups of nails, 3 in each group. The distribution is very particular: the forefoot is the most dense, there are 5 groups, there are 4 groups in the middle, and there are 3 groups in the back heel.

The non-slip shoe covers have also been recognized by fruit growers and experts. They said that this shoe cover naturally walks on the high slope, and the operation can indeed play a non-slip effect, saving physical exertion and improving work efficiency.

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