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Good things hit the Chongqing track traffic station to import and wear raincoat
Jul 18, 2018

Just yesterday, the newly installed canopy of the Zhengjia Zhaiyuan Station on the Chongqing Track No. 3 Line was put into use, and it was awesome!

Now some escalators with trajectory traffic are out of service as long as it rains. This situation may have to be resolved. It is estimated that as long as the end of the year, 65 outbound imports of Chongqing Railway Station will be installed with a canopy.

When the trajectory escalator is on the rainy day, it is “cracked”. The most important factor is to ensure the safety of passengers. On rainy days, the comb plate of the outdoor escalator is wet and slippery after the rain, and the passenger simply slips after standing up. Therefore, as soon as it rains, the station staff will often close the outdoor escalator of the station for safety reasons.

At the station's import list, the first batch of canopies were installed with raincoats and exposed faces. The canopy of the first batch of projects will use such a plan. “The uniform canopy planning of the track station will become a new symbol of Chongqing's track traffic.” Zhang Yanzhen said that as soon as the public saw the canopy wearing the raincoat, they knew that there was a trajectory station.

As an important municipal project, it is a project that is very beneficial to the people's livelihood. It is hoped that the officials will do more of these things in the future!

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