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Gorgeous raincoat fashion, in the storm still has style
May 30, 2018

Typhoon "Fitt" of huilin let Hangzhou West Lakers upturn, of course, said that the leifeng tower did not fall, but the West lake overflowed. The storm storm struck, so that a partner who went out immediately had a sense of contamination into the hair shop, washing and blowing various types of hair styles; Let cool good fashion MM produced the choice of panic, but also want to fashion gorgeous and want to resist wind and rain is really no choice. Generalities are not too much gazing at the standard raincoat, rain shoes and umbrellas at this time Chen Chen became a popular single product.
In the eyes of most people, raincoats are only transparent plastic sheets used to protect them from rain. It is difficult to hook up with fashion. This is also the fashion MM on the road who prefers to hit an umbrella rather than wear a raincoat. The cool biker New York designer Nakazono Saeki and Marie Marlowe created this problem, so they built Terra New York to make MMs wear raincoats on rainy days very fashionable.

Terra's raincoat design is refined and there is no excessive pattern and decoration. In order to make fun of the MM needs to wear different clothes, the designer designed a 3 dill figure, which is similar to the Burberry classic windbreaker figure. In winter, it is a popular cloak figure and a suitable windbreaker figure for cyclists. The material selection of raincoat is not easy to fold polyurethane, commonly known as nylon fabric. The translucent fabric can reveal the fashion wear inside MM raincoat, let them wear raincoat can also expose fashion.


In addition to being noble and elegant, umbrellas can also be vivid and playful. Two young girls, Lily Rafii Band and Sulaika Zarrouk, built a brand of Felix Rey, who designed a series of cute and playful hand-painted transparent umbrellas this year: There is a five-line spectral pattern inspired by the famous opera "Sing In the Rain". There are girls who compare umbrellas to kiss, curved eyelashes, large red lips, and paintings of New York's famous city scenery on umbrellas. There are also umbrellas in this series that are more winding than others and can better protect the wind from the rain.

When it rains, umbrellas are not scarce. However, in the storm, umbrellas may become fashion decoration items. Italian century-old handmade umbrella Pasotti is an aristocrat in the umbrella world. The general profile of umbrellas is mediocre, but the umbrella is full of joy. Inside the umbrella is a pattern of brilliant patterns: colorful flowers, sexy wild animal stripes, Or geometric patterns with different shapes. The umbrella handle that uses material to pay attention to, sings a worker gorgeous makes it has a noble and elegant art odor.

Royal celebrity favorite rain boots
In the heavy rain, I do not want to let my feet wet and stuffy, rain shoes are the most suitable single product. Hunter Boots(Hunter Boots), which has a history of more than 100 years in the United Kingdom, was a dedicated military boot during World War II. It still links the consistent guidelines for fitting, comfortable, wearable, and type-built boots to become the royal shoes of the British royal family. In order to meet the needs of fashion, Hunter Boots produced a variety of color Wellington boots like a palette, and once once designed a rain shoe with a crocodile skin texture with a famous shoe, Jimmy Choo. Hunter has become the object of intense and passionate pursuit by celebrities. As in the star's street photography, Hunter Booots is a single product: sometimes with casual wear, sometimes walking, Even Hollywood famous actress Reese Witherspoon(Ruiqian•weisesipeng) wearing a small shirt and Hunter boots, there is no sense of awkwardness.

The Brazilian brand Melissa(Melissa) waterproof jelly shoes are also suitable for rainy days. Melissa maintains a consistent momentum and the fashion big names work alone to make a pair of popular plastic shoes have a variety of arrogance, increasing its fashion accessory value. In the early days, Melissa and Vivienne Westwood, known as the "Punk Godmother" in the United Kingdom, designed the sweet butterfly short rain boots. This year they designed a jelly cowboy boots as a design prototype, and they still have lovely hair on the shoes. butterfly knot, However, this time the shoes are a little bit more handsome and tough than before. For the cool high-heeled MMs, Melissa and the fashion industry's "Qiaer•lagefeierde" designed a series of high-heeled shoes that can be worn on a rainy day. The heels made shiny ice cream cones full of children's fun and elegant.

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