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Guangdong factory workers self-made cloth shoe cover noise reduction
Sep 03, 2018

Li Li, the leader of the team leader of the University City Division and the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, hinted that there will be 8 major competitions in the nine venues of the University City. After the joint test on December 3 and 6, it can meet the request for competition. The master is looking at the details of the work and flashing the humanity care. For example, the Guangguang team is in charge of the goal of the goalkeeper. In order not to produce noise, it will affect the listening experience of the belt. The team is cheaper, and the staff is operating and built. The signboard asks the master to watch the game comfortably.

The university town is also the competition area of the Asian Games. From the Asian Games to the Asian Paralympic Games, some teams only have 10 days of transition time. The master will carry out equipment clearing and clearance on the night of the competition, and implement the conversion as soon as possible. The barrier-free approach in the competition area is fully covered. Many teams also offer psychology courses to provide a more intimate and flexible service for the disabled and the audience.

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