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Homemade cloth shoe cover, environmentally friendly
Sep 03, 2018

Nowadays, many people have prepared shoe covers for the guests at home. Although they are clean, these thin plastic shoe covers always make people feel less environmentally friendly. So, Ms. Yu, a woman from Daye, Hubei, thought about a new way to make a shoe cover.

This is the reusable cloth shoe cover made by Ms. Yu herself. It is not only beautiful and convenient to wear, but also has the function of cleaning the floor. If there is dust on the floor, it can be easily removed by simply moving back and forth. In addition, this shoe cover has two advantages. Ms. Yuye Yu of Hubei: Especially in winter, if someone comes in, it is easy to wear the heel of the slippers. If another person has athlete's foot or smell, then the slippers are more awkward, so you can avoid it.

After the guest leaves, Ms. Yu only needs to wash the cloth cover and dry it, and then she can use it again. The cost of making this shoe cover is also very low. Ms. Yu bought a fabric of 25 yuan and made 18 pairs of shoe covers, which can fully satisfy the family. Compared to disposable plastic shoe covers, this homemade shoe cover is really economical and environmentally friendly.

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