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How about one time?
Aug 02, 2018

Most disposable raincoats are made of PE material, also known as plastic raincoats. PE: Polyethylene is tasteless and non-toxic. Chemically resistant, insoluble in solvents at room temperature. Low temperature resistance, minimum use temperature -70 ~ -100 °C. Good electrical insulation and low water absorption. Physical and mechanical properties vary by density.

  Disposable raincoats are thinner in material selection and are only suitable for short-term use. Because they are easy to break, so-called disposable raincoats can also be understood as the way to cut ordinary plastic bags into raincoats for splicing and then selling. I personally think that if it is emergency. It is better to use disposable raincoats, such as travel, rafting, cycling, mountain climbing, concerts, playgrounds and other outdoor activities. It is necessary for outdoor sports! One: Let the drifting play more enjoyable, avoid the troubles of clothes and pants. ! 2: Large outdoor activities in case of sudden changes in the weather, easy to deal with! Three: easy to carry, small size, light weight! Outdoor activities or something, suddenly it rains, then use a disposable raincoat to quickly solve the problem It is. Disposable raincoats are not the same as traditional raincoats, not just in quality, but in terms of individualized flexibility, disposable raincoats are also superior. And although it is a disposable raincoat, if it is used and well protected, it can be used as long as it is not broken after drying.

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