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How should the raincoat be maintained?
Aug 02, 2018

Maintenance of plastic raincoats

1. Plastic raincoat bonding method

Plastic raincoat rupture, you can first align the broken mouth, put a piece of cellophane on it, and then press it with a hot iron stick on it. Do not press it too long each time, so that the cellophane will not be burnt, and the plastic below Stick it up. To make a hole, you can use the same plastic cloth to cut a square or a block slightly larger than the hole, cover it on the hole, cover it with cellophane, and heat it in the same way.

2, plastic raincoat wrinkle method

A slight wrinkle on the raincoat can be hung on the hanger to allow it to naturally return to a flat surface. If the wrinkles are tight, the raincoat can be immersed in hot water at about 70 °C for 2 minutes. After being taken out, put it on the flat plate and flatten it. Then wipe the water trace to restore the flatness. Be careful not to pull it hard.

Maintenance of rubber raincoats:

1. Rubber raincoat odor removal method

When the rubber raincoat has an odor, the hydrogen peroxide can be mixed into the water to soak the raincoat, and the odor will disappear after drying.

2, rubber raincoat storage method

When collecting rubber raincoats, you can lining the newspaper in the interlayer, or sprinkle it with a layer of hazelnut powder, so that it will not stick for a long time.

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