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How to choose a good reflective raincoat set?
Aug 03, 2018

First, what is a split reflective raincoat?

        Reflective raincoat is a safety harness made of strong reflective material on the base of the existing raincoat without changing the upper and lower body and shoulder symmetry or other parts. The wearer of the raincoat can emit a dazzling reflection under the illumination of the street lamp or the lamp and the natural light to alert the front and rear vehicles to a safe target. Reflective raincoats serve as a traffic safety warning when the rainy weather is not good. The so-called split-type reflective raincoat is that the tops and pants are able to leave, which is convenient for outdoor sports such as walking and riding. More common in the traffic control, road administration, sanitation, personal cycling and other groups.

Second, how to classify reflective raincoats?

        Reflective raincoats can be divided into: one-piece reflective raincoats, split reflective raincoats, reflective raincoats, reflective rain pants, and so on.

Third, the reflective principle of reflective raincoats?

        Because the reflective raincoat accepts the seams on the outer surface of the raincoat or is stamped with reflective materials. When riding on a rainy night, the lights of the cars coming in all directions are illuminated on the reflective strips, reflecting the illuminating target, prompting the driver to pay attention. The occurrence of traffic accidents can be avoided.

What are the advantages of the split-type reflective raincoat?

        The reflective raincoat has the characteristics of good warning effect, convenient movement, good waterproof effect and comfortable and dry wearing.

Fifth, what are the common materials for reflective raincoats?

       1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): It is a jelly translucent plastic raincoat that is often seen outside. This raincoat is cheap but easy to break.

       2. Nylon plus PVC: It is a layer of PVC waterproof layer on the inside of nylon fabric. Its price is moderate and it is not easy to destroy. It is the main material of raincoat today.

       3, waterproof and moisture-permeable cloth: the inner surface of the cloth is coated with a waterproof and moisture-permeable paint, like the GORE-TEX raincoat commonly used by police officers and mountain climbers. Its waterproof and moisture-permeable layer has 1 billion micropores per square inch. These micropores allow gas molecules to pass through, but they cannot pass large water molecules, thus achieving waterproof and breathable effects; the disadvantage is that the price is high and most people cannot bear it.

Finally, how to choose a high quality reflective raincoat?

       1. Base material: Can it be soft and comfortable, and the air permeability can be excellent. Softness is preferred by licking the softness level. Breathability is required to pass the test-through test. It is usually worn on the body for a minute or two. The air-tight raincoat will make you feel very stuffy, and even have "perspiration", while a breathable raincoat will not.

       2, reflective function: about the reflective function, it is indeed difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, the need to use some professional equipment to detect. For ordinary people, it is best to try on them at night, and use light to observe the reflective conditions. In addition, what we need to do is to choose a brand that is on the right track and a professional manufacturer. Their ordinary cities will clearly inform you of the reflective grades of the reflective raincoats they sell, the number of nighttime reflective intervals, and what model tests can be passed. .

       3, surface plan: popular in accordance with the national standard GB20653 rules, reflective material on the reflective material (reflective tape or lattice belt) width of not less than 5cm.

       4, work heat seal: This piece is to open the clothes to see if the heat seal can completely cover the seams of the clothes, otherwise, there will be leakage.

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