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How to choose a raincoat that I like?
Jul 21, 2018

First of all, we must look at the size. Because the raincoats made by the raincoat manufacturers on the market are not the same size, it is not recommended that consumers directly purchase different brands of raincoats from the size of the raincoats they have bought before. It is easy to have errors. Some raincoats in shopping malls can't be tried on, so it is recommended that you buy a bigger one than usual, so the shielding will be better, even if you wear more clothes in winter.

The second is to look at the material, the material of the raincoat is roughly divided into three categories:

Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - a jelly translucent plastic raincoat that is often seen outside. This raincoat is cheap but easy to break.

It is made of nylon and PVC: the inner surface of the nylon fabric is coated with a layer of PVC waterproof layer. The price is moderate and it is not easy to be damaged. It is the main material for raincoats.

Waterproof and damp cloth is used as the material: the inner surface of the cloth is coated with a waterproof and moisture-permeable paint. Like the raincoats commonly used by police and climbers, it can achieve waterproof and breathable effects. Of course, the price is relatively expensive compared to other raincoats.

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