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How to choose the color of the raincoat
Aug 03, 2018

In the next few months, it was another rainy season, and it was able to continue for a long time, which brought us a lot of inconvenience, so the raincoat became a must-have tool for every one of us.

Then, when we choose raincoats, besides choosing a good quality raincoat that does not leak rain, what else are we paying attention to? It is true that in addition to these ones we must pay attention to, that is the color of the raincoat. It is rainy in summer, and the sky is always gray. It is very risky to drive on the road. Therefore, the color of the raincoat should be dominated by colors. It is easy to attract others' attention and can better protect myself.

The choice of raincoat is only red, color change, deep red, pink, such as the color can be well separated from the surrounding color area. At the same time, if you often drive at night, you can choose a raincoat with reflective strips, and you will recover the night light at night, so you can make others see you. For safety, don't forget to bring a safe helmet. In rainy days, you must fully protect yourself, travel safely, and travel safely.

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