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How to distinguish the quality of reflective raincoats
Aug 03, 2018

First of all, it is introduced that the reflective raincoat is a rainy clothes that can have a reflective warning effect at night. The rain clothes are composed of two parts: a reflective material (reflective tape or lattice belt) and a base fabric. The light is illuminated at night, the reflective material will reflect some of the light back to warn the person who reflects the reflection, which is not Will shine.

Second, according to the national and industry model, the production of reflective attire must strictly control the key points of design, material selection, sewing and post-processing with reflective raincoats, rather than in sometimes stitching one or the other. A few reflective strips are As simple as that.

Open the shopping website and search for reflective raincoats. The effect is more than one hundred pages and more than 10,000. How do we find high-quality reflective raincoats from the raincoat?

Indeed, from the reflective items of the reflective belt, the number of washings, the width of the reflective belt and other reference items, the national model has clear rules.

Someone asked, can't you wear a reflective raincoat that doesn't fit the model? I see that some of the ten or eight reflective raincoats that people have are not very reflective? Yes, it is not that reflective raincoats that do not conform To the model can not be worn. However, reflective raincoats that are not designed and produced according to the model are more or less affirmative problems and safety hazards.

You can wear raincoats with a reflective interval of only 100m, although it is also possible, but in the event of a critical situation, your response time to others is much less , you The risk is also added a lot, when it comes to life, one second is also very important!

In addition, Xiaobian needs to clarify one point. The "phosphor" on the reflective belt is actually a tool called glass beads, and the reflection at night is the reflection and reflection of the light.

In some reflective raincoats, the reflective interval that can be reached is also 330m, but due to the incomplete processing, the glass beads are easy to fall. This has led to some reflective raincoats that are not reflective after being washed frequently.

单词, when we purchase reflective raincoats, we must ask the clear store. The reflective raincoat has a number of reflective intervals that support several times of washing. Of course, the larger the reflective interval, the better the number of washings supported.

Doesing the quality of reflective raincoats, the two investigation items of reflective interval and washing frequency are mentioned above. Does it mean that you can buy high-quality reflective raincoats when you arrive at these two models?

The answer is certainly denied. There are many other examples of judging reflective raincoats. Here is another list: the width of the reflective strip or the lattice strip.

See to the national standard, the width of the reflective material of the reflective type is greater than 5 cm. Seeing this number, I believe that many people find that there are many reflective raincoats around them that don't fit the model. Width, it is difficult or impossible for the reflective material to reach the reflective interval of more than 330m required by the national standard.

Finally, the Lide Ming reflective raincoat small number order: If the unit in your location has outdoor work requirements, if you are the guide of the unit, please be sure to purchase a reflective raincoat that fits the model; if you are an outdoor operator , Please be sure to take the initiative to ask the guide for a reflective raincoat that fits the model;

This is not only about the fluctuations in the operation of the company, but also about the health of employees!

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