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How to get this 100% return rate net red raincoat?
Nov 02, 2018

Is it raining every time I see the window, I can’t help but think that “Xiao Jingteng is coming again”?

But no matter how the weather is a demon, as a hipster, there is also a small reluctance.

That is, even if the rainstorm makes the city reverse, it can't stop us from concave shape!

It can be said that a cool raincoat is very necessary!

Before the arrival of King Wu Yifan, with a labor insurance raincoat of less than 100 pieces out of the T set high temperament, but also pulled the sales of a treasure.

There is a safflower PG ONE and Xiaobai due to the "China has a hip hop" fire. Pure black VETEMENTS long raincoat with black baseball cap + A Bing with the same sunglasses, this temperament is not ordinary at first glance.

If you feel that these raincoats are cool, but the color design is a bit monotonous? Then we have to launch today's highlights - the new "net red raincoat" of the fire network, a total of 4 models, the copy of the text behind each paragraph contains a deep enthusiasm for the rain. However, the true intention of YOHO! design and custom raincoats is actually the concern for the safety of everyone on a rainy day!

 Oversize version, 2017 popular color fluorescent orange with black and white classic color matching and slogan, how do you feel? It’s not just the look, but the matching raincoat is also a versatile king. For example, with black-and-white white wide-leg sports pants, when a large area of fluorescent orange is used, the best match is to use white or black in part, high-profile yet tasteful, and the trend is rising!

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