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How to maintain the poncho
Jul 09, 2018

How to maintain the poncho


 In our lives, we will see a variety of raincoats, including adult raincoats and children's raincoats. These raincoats have different colors and sometimes different functions. We also have different raincoats when choosing raincoats. The production is getting more and more fine, which will affect our use, but the raincoat will be damaged after a long time of use. Then we will introduce the maintenance method of the raincoat.

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Generally speaking, we will have a lot of water after using the raincoat. Some people put the electric car poncho on the outside balcony to dry, but often forget to take it back, because the raincoat is made of tape, so it takes a long time to dry. After that, there will be a phenomenon of air drying, which will cause the poncho to crack, so that the life of the raincoat will be short. If there is something dirty on your raincoat, you can put your raincoat on a flat table, gently scrub with a soft brush and some water to wash off the dirty things, remember the raincoat of the tape. I can't use my hands to rub it, I can't put it under the sun, I can't put it on the fire to burn it, I can't use the alkaline soap to clean it. The purpose of this is to avoid the raincoat aging. Or become brittle. Tape raincoats can't be put together with oil. They should be stacked when they are stored. You can't put heavy things on the raincoat. You can't put it together with something hot, so that the raincoat is not pressed out. Pleats, or cracks.

The above is the maintenance method of the riding poncho introduced by Xiaobian. We must ensure the correct use of the poncho and the storage after use.

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