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How to ride an electric car to prevent car accidents - wearing reflective raincoat
Aug 03, 2018

    Electric vehicles are a kind of transportation thing that has surged in the past few years and on the road. For ordinary office workers, taking the bus and riding an electric car is also the most common way to travel.

    According to the general statistics of the China Bicycle Bicycle Special Committee, in 2004, the number of electric vehicles in China was only 20 million; and by 2014, the number of electric vehicles in China has reached 200 million. In 10 years, the number has increased tenfold. What does the 200 million vehicle possession mean?

    Li Deming reflective raincoat small series of examples of the image: it is said that in addition to children and young people, China has an electric car. You can say it, he said, I don't have it, and our family is only one. But in many cases, a family will have two or more electric vehicles.


    Of course, riding an electric car is naturally more environmentally friendly than a private car. However, under the current confusing traffic conditions in China, with the rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles, there are more and more traffic items that touch electric vehicles. According to statistics, in all traffic matters, about 3.8% of electric vehicles are hit, about 1.9% are injured, and about 3.6% are killed.

The traffic control section analyzes the causes of the traffic accidents involving electric vehicles, and concludes that it is driven by drunkenness or drunk driving, speeding, not following the rules of the lane, wearing traffic at the intersection, observing traffic signals, and competing with other vehicles. Wait for five major reasons. Among them, there are many traffic accidents caused by electric cars and other vehicles rushing and drunk driving, especially when the electric vehicles are in parallel with other vehicles (large vehicles), the traffic accidents that are hit and crushed by large vehicles are most.


So, how can we more effectively avoid the onset of electric traffic accidents involving electric vehicles? Here, Li Deming reflective raincoat Xiaobian summarized eight strategies for the broad electric car owners and other riders, special tips to pay attention to:

    1. Electric drivers can drive large vehicles, such as mucks and cement tankers, on the road. When driving on the road in the same direction as a large vehicle or other vehicles, you must enter the non-motorized vehicle road, and you will be safer and safer.

    2. Due to the objective conditions of the road, on some roads without extension or non-lane roads, electric drivers should not travel alongside large vehicles or other vehicles in the same direction for a long time, and do not drive on large vehicles. Then the side of the rearview mirror is parallel to the category of 2-3 meters. Because this area is a blind spot for the perspective of large vehicle drivers.

    3. When driving to the intersection, you must definitely see the driving dynamics of the left vehicle. Do not just turn left or change lanes. In particular, when encountering a large vehicle turning right, do not rush through the front of the car, even if it is slow to travel, you can not walk through its front. Because these large vehicles have high body and low electric vehicles, large-scale vehicle drivers are not sure to see you. Blindly stealing is a risk.

    4, rainy day wearing a raincoat to drive an electric car, launched the choice of bright color raincoat, such as fluorescent yellow (green), orange red texture, especially at night, it is best to match a set of reflective raincoat, so easy to be driven by other vehicles Found by people;

    5. The electric vehicle to be driven must guarantee the condition of the excellent vehicle, and the brake light and the rear view mirror should be complete and effective.

    6, electric drivers do not drink and drunk driving electric vehicles, do not speeding. Don't think that drunk driving is just the "privilege" of a motor vehicle. If a non-motorized vehicle is caught, it will be punished. And, if you have a bicycle accident, you can be more serious than a motor vehicle!

    7. For those who drive large vehicles, it is also necessary to check the driving dynamics of electric vehicles and other non-motor vehicles on the right side, and maintain sufficient horizontal safety intervals with these vehicles. When turning, you must slow down slowly, turn on the right turn signal indicator early, pay attention to the rear view mirror, and use the driver's own dislocation posture to expand the view of the blind spot. Confirm the safety and then turn. .

    8, with a reflective vest for yourself, orange or fluorescent yellow (green) can be. Do not think that as long as the traffic police and sanitation workers can wear reflective vests, you can wear the same ones to let me find out when the risk is reduced.

    Finally, Li Deming Reflective Raincoat Xiaobian warm reminder electric riders and riders of other motor vehicles: the winning baby of the opposite traffic matters is - permanently obey the traffic rules

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