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I need a raincoat of my own to resist the attack that you rushed past.
Nov 02, 2018

Recently, there was a very hot piece on the vibrato: On a rainy day, I walked on the road, a big rush flew in front of me, splashed me with water, and looked at the big ran away, my heart secretly swears, When I have money, I will buy a raincoat of my own. Because of empathy, so many praises, many people have commented and shared. Although this is just an interesting paragraph, it is worth our thoughts!

On rainy days, there will be a lot of water on the road. When some drivers encounter pedestrians on the road, they don’t slow down and greet the pedestrians’ consciousness. Instead, they fly as usual, causing a large amount of water to splash on the sidewalk. Pedestrians can only helplessly watch the passing cars. I managed to escape the ravages of the storm, but I couldn’t resist the attack that you flew.

Can the riders think about how pedestrians are splashed into a dirty water? If the pedestrian on the road is yourself, what will your mood be like? Although it does not threaten the safety of pedestrians, it seriously affects the travel of pedestrians. If every driver can slow down, polite pedestrians, have temperature, and quality, our transportation will become more civilized and safer.

And how should the victim deal with such a situation? Is it the default to plant, or choose to take the initiative to defend rights and defend their rights. It is often because our perseverance and tolerance will nourish these bad behaviors and make those perpetrators more arrogant and rude.

It is reported that in Zhejiang, a woman was unfortunately on the road, and she was splashed with dirty water by the vehicles that had flown in the past. She did not like the majority of people, she believed that she was unlucky, but wrote down the license plate number of the "wheat" car, and then directly Call 110 for security. After the police verified, the situation was confirmed, and the owner was ordered to apologize to the victim and pay 100 yuan for the laundry.

On a rainy day, I need a raincoat of my own, and I need to pick up my mobile phone to defend my rights and dignity.

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