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If you want to wholesale disposable raincoats, look for Li Mingming.
Aug 02, 2018

  This Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming soon, and the breadth of the season is getting hotter and hotter. I think there will be many people going to the water park in the small holiday. So I wanted to go out and wholesale some disposable raincoats, and then I went to the subway station near the water park to sell. I don't know where there is a disposable raincoat wholesale in Guangzhou?

  Shenzhen Li Deming is a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of disposable raincoats, plastics and non-woven fabrics and shoe covers. Over the years, thanks to the support of our customers, we have accumulated rich experience in raincoats, shoe covers and shower cap products. Production and market experience, our main products are: raincoats, shower caps, shoe covers, machine equipment sets, sleeves, bundle pockets and a variety of gift bags... Products are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, exported to Japan, South Korea, The United States, France, the United Kingdom and European countries all comply with international environmental standards.

  Guangzhou is a city, and now it is in the high-incidence area of rain. At this time, whether it is rain boots or raincoat sales are very considerable, do not prevent more goods to sell, rainwear wholesale is still good, many years The old brand, the price is reasonable, the service is excellent.

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