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In the rain, taking off the police raincoat to cover the child’s traffic police’s “mother hug” is very warm.
Nov 02, 2018

On September 17th, a video released by Pingzhou Weibo was broadcasted on the Internet. In the video, the weather conditions were not good. The wet ground, the pedestrians carrying umbrellas, and a female traffic police took off the police raincoat. Hold a child from a private car, cover the raincoat on the child's head, and then walk the child into the kindergarten gate.

The cover reporter learned that this video was sent at 8:30 on September 10th. At the gate of Chengdong Kindergarten in Jixian County, a parent sent the child to school. Because he forgot to bring rain gear, he hoped to drive the car to the school gate to avoid the child dripping. rain. However, according to traffic regulations, the vehicle cannot be opened to the school gate. The entrance to the kindergarten is a one-way street. It is not safe to drive to the school gate. It will further negotiate with the owner and will stop for a long time, resulting in rear congestion. Therefore, in order to maintain the traffic at the school gate, Order, refused the owner's request, but she told the owner that she would carry the child into the classroom and let the owner drive straight away.

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