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In the shoe cover, step on the floor tiles, still find out
Sep 03, 2018

“Even if the criminals step on the tile floor with a shoe cover, we can use professional optical imaging equipment to quickly collect his footprints for case analysis.” A faculty member of the Department of Military Security at Xi'an Political Institute said . In recent years, the college has achieved success in military training and advanced technology research and development.

Under the dim street lights at night, a large truck rushed past, rolling up the dust, and several children who came home from school were caught under the wheel. In video surveillance, this car is just a vague shadow. The police asked the Xi'an Political Institute for help if they could not quickly find clues. The Xi'an School of Politics uses advanced technology to quickly display the outline of the car in dim light. The vehicle model is quickly determined based on the length, width and height of the vehicle. In the on-site monitoring, the number plate of the vehicle was ambiguous, and they used advanced technology to finally present the number plate. According to the police, the police will escape to the accident vehicle of the foreign county and find the escape driver. It is reported that Xi'an Political College used advanced technology to help local public security cracked many cases.

In recent years, the teachers and students of the Department of Military Defence Work of the College have gradually established the "Criminal Science Experiment Center", "Classic Crime Scene Investigation Professional Classroom", "Judicial Appraisal Center", etc., and their equipment and technology are leading in China. “Even if it’s just the contact between clothes, we can find evidence of contact from the fiber; a broken glass can be judged by tapping or tapping outside; even if someone wears a shoe cover, Wearing gloves to analyze his personal characteristics; the lie detector can judge whether you are true or not through your subtle physiological reaction," said the department instructor.

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