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Is it a meaning to have a split raincoat and a split raincoat?
Aug 03, 2018

       On the morning of May 22, Chang'an Street, the traffic police put on a new fluorescent split-type raincoat. It is understood that the Municipal Public Security Bureau recently distributed a new type of split-type raincoat for the city's traffic police. The new police uniforms installed by the Ministry of Public Security are fluorescent yellow with high-intensity reflective strips, and the fabric is rain-proof and breathable. Traffic police wearing new styles of raincoats on duty, guiding traffic, will be more eye-catching, safer, and deal with the lack of brightness of the old raincoat reflective strips, not enough attention.

       So, what kind of split-type raincoat do we often say, is it a concept with a split-type raincoat?

       Conceptually, split raincoats and split raincoats are indeed a concept. This kind of raincoat refers to the top of a raincoat and the trousers are left. When wearing it, it is like ordinary clothes. The clothes also have accessories such as zippers, snaps, pockets and other common clothes. Correspondingly, it is the cover-type poncho used in ordinary motorcycles and electric raincoats.

      The advantages of split raincoats

       In relation to the usual poncho, the split raincoat is more flexible after being put on, and the comfort and safety are better. For example, after wearing a traditional poncho, the view on the left and right sides is often easily blocked, while the split-type raincoat does not exist.

       In addition, in the riding process, the poncho will inevitably be blown up by the wind, the rain will not be said, and the other can block the face, which will cause traffic problems. In addition, from the perspective of comfort, there is often a layer of polyester-woven fabric inside the split-type raincoat, perhaps mesh fabric, to avoid direct contact with the skin with the waterproof coating, and ordinary ponchos are not common.

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