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Is it good to ride a raincoat or a raincoat?
Aug 02, 2018

The usual means of transportation is the bicycle. Due to the relatively abundant rain in the near future, it is too unsafe to ride an umbrella while on the way to and from work. So I thought about starting a raincoat, but some colleagues said that the raincoat is not good and inconvenient. Cycling, ponchos will be better, easy to wear and easy to ride; some colleagues say that raincoats are good, each has a saying, I am somewhat entangled, is that good?

  Simply speaking, the poncho is also a raincoat. The poncho is just a kind of raincoat, but the style is different. The poncho is generally used for cycling, such as electric poncho, bicycle poncho, motorcycle poncho, according to the style can also be divided into open type. The poncho, the sleeved poncho, etc., the general production method of the poncho is relatively simple, so the cost is relatively low, but the people used are quite extensive, and the current poncho styles are also diverse, but they are basically rainproof on the head. The protection, the raincoat with double hats, the raincoat with helmet style, etc., so the poncho is getting better and better. But ponchos are generally only above the calf, so the legs will be wet when riding.

  There are many styles of raincoats, such as one-piece raincoats, raincoats, cardigan raincoats, raincoats, etc. Among them, the raincoats of the raincoats are easy to wet when the rain is big. The raincoats are made up of pants and tops. In addition, its rain resistance is the best, but it is not convenient to wear.

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