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Is such a good shoe cover in the end or not?
Sep 03, 2018

    "Oh, you don't need a shoe cover, it's your own family." Although the residents said they didn't mind, the community workers in the development zone insisted on putting on their shoe covers when they entered the house.

    "Some people don't mind, some people can care." I have been working in the community for less than two months. When I registered at home, I had experienced two days of "cool and warm". Therefore, “unifying the shoe covers will not cause trouble for the residents, and understanding the needs is the key point.” The community secretary said that in recent years, with the promotion of people’s livelihood improvement, the low-income households and retired employees of the community have basically enjoyed preferential policies. The community environment has also been greatly improved. Residents have affirmed the community work. It is not important in the eyes of the residents. It is not polite in the eyes of the residents. However, it is polite to cover the shoe covers and it is to reduce the gap between the residents and the residents. A detail.

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