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Let the rainy season no longer hate, from the falling chicken to the male, sometimes it is a raincoat!
Aug 03, 2018

   Summer is always full of sultry and humid. You thought you had escaped the heat of the heat, but did not expect a heavy rain to make your decent wish to go out completely.

   Compared with everyone, it has experienced several heavy rains, which not only affects the mood, but often the planned plans will be cancelled due to the weather. What strolls in the rain, or streaking in the heavy rain, I don't seem to have such a good. I don't know how the rain in the city where everyone is located. In short, the clouds on my head always lose my temper unreasonably. I often go out or go through the clear skies. When I walk halfway, the rain drops, and people are caught off guard. Since you can't change the weather like this. It is better to poke into the professional raincoat manufacturer "Lide Deming" to buy a -RAINS trendy raincoat to deal with this bad weather. When people around you are wandering in the rain, you can still be a cool hipster in such a rainy day.

Traditional ponchos and split-type raincoat suits have their own advantages and disadvantages. Traditional poncho: The range of occlusion is relatively large, and the basket and the rear seat can be blocked, but the safety and flexibility are poor. Split-type raincoat suit: The range of occlusion is relatively small, which can only block the wearer itself, but the safety and flexibility are better.

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