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Li Deming safety raincoat friendship tips: winter safety matters
Aug 03, 2018

Like most parts of the country, Jiangsu has also ushered in the strongest cold current since the beginning of the 1990s. In many places, there has been a bad weather of low temperature, rain and snow, which has caused great inconvenience to the citizens in their travel, work and study. Li Deming anti-reflective clothing editors warm reminder: the rain and snow climate road is slippery, people need to be more careful when walking, cycling, driving. Then, under the cold current, how should we travel safely, what security matters should we pay attention to in winter travel?

Starting, walking, the rate is not too fast

     One: Rain and snow climate, walking citizens: (Li Deming safety raincoat friendship tips:)

1. Please be sure to walk the sidewalk, do not walk on the motorway, to prevent the side-sliding car from encountering.

2, avoid lifting heavy objects, do not put your hands in your pocket, just wear gloves, because the hands swing back and forth can balance the body, even if you do not care to slip, your hands can even support.

3, ladies do not wear high heels, high-heeled shoes and the ground area of the small area, the friction is not enough. Therefore, ladies can change to the rough, striped flat shoes when they go out, but also avoid the marble road.

4. If you suddenly fall, just don't use your wrist to support the ground, don't rush, you should check which parts of the body are suffering. Once the fall has a fracture, you can't make a mess, use a scarf, books, etc. to firmly fix the fracture site, beg for help, and immediately go to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Second, when riding a bicycle, the tires should not be inflated too much (Lide Ming safety raincoat friendship tips:)


1, road slipping bicycles, electric cars travel, must first check whether the brakes can be agile;

2, keep a high degree of attention when riding a bicycle, the car body should not carry too much, too heavy items;

3, the tire gas is not too good, put the gas to 2/3 of the usual volume, it is better to add the wheel and the surface of the snoring to prevent slipping;

4, just lower the seat, lower the center of gravity; keep the distance of 3 meters above the vehicle in front, to prevent the front car slipping down and squatting;

5, do not slam the brakes, you can ride slowly, meet the situation and get off early;

6, just avoid sharp turns, turn in the scope of the road promised, the greater the radius, the safer;

7, do not rush with the motor vehicle to prevent the car from being hit by the side slip; when encountering a special slippery road section, it is best to get off the car.

Third, drive, keep a safe interval (Lide Ming security raincoat friendship tips:)



       The road surface is slippery, the friction coefficient between the tire and the ground is low, and the wheel slippage is prone to occur.

1. The driver's staff should strictly abide by the speed limit rules, the low rate, and abide by the rules of each line.

2, under the condition of too fast speed, the sudden stepping on the brakes, the direction of the rush, it is easy to cause the vehicle to lose control. Especially on the highway, more attention is needed.

3, rain and snow climate, the field of vision is not good, it is easy to see the attack due to the inability to see the road. Therefore, there must be ample safety intervals between vehicles and between vehicles and pedestrians. Do not keep too tight, and do not overtake.

4. If there is fogging in the windshield during the driving process, you can open the cool breeze and adjust the wind direction of the air outlet to the position of blowing the windshield, and the fog will disappear.

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